What you will find here

I will generally write about anything that happens to be in my head at the moment, whether it’s random science or just my feelings and experiences because I think it can be useful to people dealing with similar issues.

However, there will be some topics I will leave alone.  I chose to write under my name rather than choosing to hide under a pseudonym because I am willing to stand behind whatever I have to say.  I will avoid criticizing anyone who works with me or writing about things that may be politically problematic; which is more than I can say for a lot of bloggers.  For example, how would you feel if you found out that your boss was using a public website to complain about your perceived weaknesses?  Comparing you to your lab mates and describing you as petulant and childish; an obnoxious, abominable, unprofessional and condescending way to do things.

Paul Knoepfler’s piece in Nature talks about how blogging is a much more accepted means of communication by scientists today, and also addresses how not to blog.  The truth be told what you write can jeopardize your credibility in your department, or even your degree.  Of course it depends on how much has been written and what was said, but there is certainly no ignoring it.  Using a pseudonym is a pretty thin veil when it comes to one’s identity and I choose NOT to be the man behind the curtain.

I hope to be a source of knowledge, advice, suggestions and reassurance in the blogosphere for grad students, recent graduates and undergrads.